The PREA Auditor Handbook

The PREA Auditor Handbook: Key Information for the Corrections, Detention, and Law Enforcement Fields

This webinar is designed to highlight key information contained in the newly released PREA Auditor Handbook, and will help facilities and agencies know what to expect from audits and from the auditors with whom they contract. The Webinar covers topics such as:

  • Contracting for a PREA audit: Types of auditing arrangements, what should and should not be included in an audit contract, and rules regarding auditor compensation.
  • PREA Audit Process: The PREA audit process from start to finish, what to expect during each phase of the PREA audit, core activities undertaken by and responsibilities of the auditor, and requirements regarding auditor access to facility/agency documentation and physical plant.
  • Planning for corrective action: How to plan for corrective action and ensure that contracts for PREA audits allow for and support corrective action periods.
  • Audit oversight: The consequences for auditors who fail to meet the requirements of their DOJ PREA auditor certification, and how to report complaints or concerns about auditor conduct.

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