PREA Academy

PREA Academy is a free online learning community designed to train and guide participants as they increase their understanding of the PREA Standards and identify promising PREA implementation strategies they can use in their confinement facilities and agencies. PREA Academy offers multi-week courses delivered on a semester-based schedule. Courses include both self-paced coursework and scheduled opportunities for peer engagement.

The program’s first course, PREA 101, is intended for stakeholders who are responsible for PREA implementation in their agencies and facilities such as PREA Coordinators and PREA Compliance Managers. This course focuses on several important topics, including the dynamics of sexual abuse in confinement; the PREA audit process and associated expectations; the types of inmates, residents, and detainees who are at increased risk of either being sexually abused or of perpetrating sexual abuse in confinement facilities; and the hundreds of specific requirements of the PREA Standards. This unique and very promising program also offers participants the opportunity to network and engage with their peers from across the country regarding their ongoing PREA implementation efforts.

Through small group discussion and self-paced online coursework, PREA Academy participants gain: 

  • Increased comprehension and understanding of the PREA Standards 
  • Accessible training
  • Access to subject matter experts
  • Individualized coaching sessions 

The application for the Fall 2022 delivery of PREA 101 is closed. Be sure to sign up for the PRC newsletter to be the first to know of any upcoming PREA Academy course offerings.


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