What is the audit instrument?

Standard 115.401(d) requires DOJ to “develop and issue an audit instrument that will provide guidance on the conduct of and contents of the audit.” To fulfill this requirement, DOJ developed an audit instrument for each set of PREA Standards: prisons and jails, lockups, community confinement facilities, and juvenile facilities. Each instrument includes a series of guiding documents and tools that auditors are required to use when conducting an audit. 

The audit instrument is comprised of two components: 

  1. The core components consist of the Pre-Audit Questionnaire, the Auditor Compliance Tool, and the Audit Report Template. These core components are available in two forms: a web-based version referred to as the Online Audit System, and a paper-based version.
  2. The evidence collection components include the interview protocols, site review instructions, and checklist of documentation. The evidence collection components of the audit instrument are accessible via the PRC website and are intended to direct auditors on the identification and collection of the necessary evidence base required to demonstrate the audited facility’s compliance in practice.