How to use this site

The PREA Resource Center (PRC) website is designed to serve multiple audiences, including correctional administrators, management, and line staff; sheriffs and officers; community corrections personnel; juvenile detention administrators and staff; PREA auditors; advocates; and survivors and their families.

This site is organized into four primary sections: Implementation, Audit, Library, and Department of Justice (DOJ) Frequently Asked Questions. Learn more about each feature below.


If you work for an adult or juvenile corrections or law enforcement agency interested in PREA implementation and compliance, start with our Implementation section.

  • Learn about the PREA Standards
  • View the resources in one of our Toolsets
  • Find upcoming events and training opportunities


If you need information about the PREA audit process or are interested in becoming a PREA auditor yourself, you'll find everything you need in our Audit section.

  • Learn about the PREA audit process
  • Access the audit instrument and Online Audit System
  • Find an auditor near you

Resource Library

If you're looking for resources or training tools, you'll find a comprehensive set of materials in our Library.

Use the filters to sort materials by type of Facility, related PREA Standard, Terms, and resource Type.

  • Types: all library resources are sorted into the following categories:
    • Tools: materials specific to PREA Standard implementation and audits designed to be actively used to learn about the Standards and enhance compliance
    • Publications: research, reports, data, historical documents, case law, and other PREA-related content
    • Webinars: past webinar recordings and slides

Browse our Toolsets for tailored groups of materials to meet specific needs.

  • Toolsets: select tools are sorted into the following groups:
    • Guides: resources, manuals, and toolkits to assist implementation efforts and enhance compliance
    • Standards in Focus: deep dives into individual Standards
    • Training: training materials to educate yourself and others
    • Samples: sample materials from other agencies and facilities and templates for creating your own resources

Frequently Asked Questions

The DOJ PREA Working Group regularly publishes interpretive guidance in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This guidance is essential to enhancing your understanding of the PREA Standards, implementation, and the audit.

  • Search the FAQs for guidance on specific Standards and topics
  • Check back frequently for new interpretive guidance, or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest guidance from the Department of Justice