Field training audit for facilities

The PREA Resource Center (PRC) and the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) PREA Management Office use the Field Training Program (FTP) to provide field auditing experience — in a supervised and supported environment — for PREA trainees who are seeking certification by DOJ. The goal for this program is to strengthen trainees’ PREA auditing skills, increase their experience with the PREA auditing process and methodology, enhance their understanding of the PREA Standards, and provide them with an opportunity to become familiar with and use the audit tools and other documents. Experienced auditors as well as DOJ and PRC staff facilitate the field training audit and offer guidance and mentorship during every step of the process. (Note: Participation in an FTP training audit does not substitute for a PREA compliance audit.)

Field training audits replicate the PREA compliance audit process with pre-onsite, onsite, and post-onsite audit phases. From the start of the pre-onsite phase to the end of the post-onsite phase, the field training audit is approximately 20 weeks in duration.

  • During the pre-onsite phase, the FTP team (which includes a lead auditor, FTP faculty, and auditor trainees) will meet with and gather important information and documentation from facility representatives.
  • During the onsite phase, the FTP team will coordinate with facility staff to conduct a facility site review, test critical functions, interview staff and inmate/resident/detainees, and select documentation for review.
  • During the post-onsite phase, the FTP team will review and analyze the evidence collected during the pre-onsite and onsite phases to provide a written assessment of a pre-selected number of PREA Standards, including findings of compliance and corrective action recommendations.

To help remedy gaps identified during the field training audit, after the post-onsite phase facilities are provided approximately 20 hours of subject matter expertise from the PRC.

Training audit cycle for 2020-2021

The application for host facilities for the 2020–2021 training audit cycle is now closed. The deadline for submission was October 28, 2019, 11:59 p.m. EST.

If you have any questions about the Field Training Program, please Contact us.