Standards overview

Use the links on the left to select the Standards that apply to your facility type(s). We encourage you to read each of the four sets of Standards to familiarize yourself with what is required for each facility type. Please don’t forget to read the definitions, which you’ll find in Standards 115.5 and 115.6. The definitions will help you to understand the precise meaning of the terms and language used in the Standards.

The Standards are numbered to help differentiate the confinement facilities to which they apply. All Standards begin with 115., followed by an extension that indicates what facility they apply to:

  • Prisons and jails: two digits such as 115.13
  • Lockups: three digits beginning with .1, such as 115.113 
  • Community confinement: three digits beginning with .2, such as 115.213 
  • Juvenile facilities: three digits beginning with .3, such as 115.313

1. Prevention Planning

2. Responsive Planning

3. Training and Education

4. Screening for Risk of Sexual Victimization and Abusiveness

5. Reporting

6. Official Response Following an Inmate, Detainee, or Resident Report

7. Investigations

8. Discipline

9. Medical and Mental Care

10. Data Collection and Review

11. Audits and State Compliance

12. State Compliance