§ 115.14 Youthful inmates, juveniles and youthful detainees

Purpose of the Standard:

To protect inmates who are under the age of 18 (“youthful inmates”) and living in adult correctional facilities from sexual abuse or sexual harassment they might experience from adults by:

  • Prohibiting agencies from placing youthful inmates in housing units where they may have sight, sound, or physical contact with adult inmates
  • Limiting opportunities for youthful inmates to interact with adult inmates in unmonitored ways by requiring agencies to keep young people and adults “sight and sound” separated outside of housing areas or employing direct staff supervision in instances where youthful and adult inmates are co-mingled (e.g., during a group program)

Additionally, the standard places restrictions on agencies from defaulting to the use of segregation units to protect youthful inmates from sexual abuse and sexual harassment, so that youthful inmates are not punished for their vulnerability.

Note: There is no equivalent of Standard 115.14 that applies to juvenile facilities or community confinement facilities.

Prisons and Jails

(a) A youthful inmate shall not be placed in a housing unit in which the youthful inmate will have sight, sound, or physical contact with any adult inmate through use of a shared dayroom or other common space, shower area, or sleeping quarters.

(b) In areas outside of housing units, agencies shall either:

(1) maintain sight and sound separation between youthful inmates and adult inmates, or

(2) provide direct staff supervision when youthful inmates and adult inmates have sight, sound, or physical contact.

(c) Agencies shall make best efforts to avoid placing youthful inmates in isolation to comply with this provision. Absent exigent circumstances, agencies shall not deny youthful inmates daily large-muscle exercise and any legally required special education services to comply with this provision. Youthful inmates shall also have access to other programs and work opportunities to the extent possible.


Juveniles and youthful detainees shall be held separately from adult detainees.