Audit initiation

The Audit Initiation Form must be used by auditors to initiate all audits. This form collects basic information about scheduled audits, including: the expected dates for the onsite portion of the audit; the facility to be audited and its parent agency; the address and location of the audited facility; rated capacity and average daily population; involvement of support staff; contract and compensation details; and affirmations by the auditor that there is no conflict of interest regarding the conduct of the audit. All auditors must complete and submit the Audit Initiation Form for each audit they conduct as lead auditor at least 30 days prior to the first day of the auditor’s onsite visit to the facility. Auditors should refer to the PREA Auditor Handbook for more detailed information regarding their audit reporting requirements. 

Agencies and facilities seeking to initiate an audit in the Online Audit System should review the information under the PREA Online Audit System section below. 

Access the audit initiation form