Related PREA projects

PREA Targeted Implementation Planning and Support Program

The PREA Targeted Implementation Planning and Support (TIPS) program is a federal funding opportunity specifically for locally operated small-to-medium-sized jails, juvenile facilities, community confinement facilities, lockups, and tribal facilities that are seeking to become sexually safer environments through compliance with the federal PREA Standards. TIPS is administered by Impact Justice, the national nonprofit that also operates the PREA Resource Center (PRC). The program is funded by and operates in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

Impact Justice collaborates with the PRC and partners including the Vera Institute of Justice, Center for Children’s Law and Policy, and the American Correctional Association, to help smaller jails, community confinement facilities, and locally run juvenile facilities implement the PREA Standards through a collaborative planning and implementation process that is responsive to the identified needs of the site.


Site-Based Technical Assistance 

Site-Based Technical Assistance (TA) is led by Impact Justice, in partnership with The Moss Group, Just Detention International, and the Vera Institute of Justice. Technical assistance providers work with Bureau of Justice Assistance's grantees to support PREA implementation.

The site-based TA providers also deliver free training and technical assistance to any state, local, or tribal jurisdiction or agencies upon request, which can be accessed on the Request for assistance page on the PRC website, and respond to questions and information requests from the field via the Contact us page on the PRC website.

For facilities with needs that require longer-term involvement, an advanced TA engagement may be offered to help work toward sustainable lessons and tools for PREA compliance.