Auditor Compliance Tool

The Auditor Compliance Tool guides auditors in making compliance determinations for each provision of every PREA Standard, including identification of key sources of evidence that auditors should gather to assess compliance. The Auditor Compliance Tool walks the auditor step-by-step through evidence collection, application of evidence to each provision of each Standard, and review and analysis of the detailed requirements for compliance.

Auditor Compliance Tool in the Online Audit System

The Auditor Compliance Tool in the Online Audit System (OAS) is the auditor’s “home base.” In the OAS, every Standard in the Auditor Compliance Tool includes the following sections:

  • Pre-audit
  • Audit
  • Provision findings
  • Overall compliance determination
  • Overall compliance determination narrative  

The Auditor Compliance Tool also includes the audit findings section (i.e., audit narrative, facility characteristics, and summary of audit findings) and the post-audit reporting information questions. Auditors who use the OAS to conduct an audit must complete the post-audit reporting information directly in the OAS before they can complete the audit. Auditors who complete an audit in the OAS do not need to submit a separate Post-Audit Reporting Form.

PDF versions of the Auditor Compliance Tool (for reference only)

The pdf versions of the Auditor Compliance Tool are to be used only as a reference. As of June 30, 2022, all auditors are required to conduct and report their PREA audits using the Online Audit System1:

1After June 30, 2022, the PREA Management Office will consider, on a case-by-case basis, rare exceptions that may require an auditor to conduct an audit using the paper audit instrument. Auditors who are approved to conduct an audit using the paper audit instrument will receive copies of the paper audit instrument from the PREA Resource Center and will be required to complete their post-audit reporting requirements using the OAS Paper Audit Reporting Portal.