Facility Training Audit Opportunity

In response to the need to increase the number of active PREA auditors certified by the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the PREA Resource Center (PRC), in collaboration with the PREA Management Office at the Bureau of Justice Assistance within DOJ, is very proud to announce the Field Training Program (FTP). This program will provide additional support and training opportunities for auditors beyond classroom training. Certified auditor trainees (CATs) will have the unique opportunity to conduct team audits in the field, under the supervision and mentorship of experienced certified auditors.

One of the first and most important steps in implementing the FTP is to identify facilities interested in undergoing training audits. Each audit will follow the course of the compliance audit with the three phases of the audit process: pre-audit, onsite audit, and post-audit. CATs will perform all aspects of the audit process with oversight, mentoring, and review provided by an experienced Field Training Auditor.

The benefits of participating in a PREA training audit include:

  • Assistance as your agency prepares for your full compliance audit;
  • Access to PREA subject-matter experts who can assist you with PREA implementation concerns; and
  • An opportunity to familiarize your staff with the steps and processes associated with your future compliance audit.

Each volunteer facility will receive a written interim report and corrective action recommendations from the team of DOJ-certified PREA auditors. There is no cost to your facility for participating in this unique training opportunity.

If you are interested in having your facility participate as a PREA audit training site, please complete this brief application by close of business on December 15, 2014. This application asks you to identify a number of weeks (Sunday through Friday) in 2015 that your facility will be available to host a PREA training audit. If you have a ny questions about the FTP, please contact PRC staff at questions@prearesourcecenter.org.