Auditor Certification Change

DOJ has amended the certification protocol for PREA auditors. The new protocol consists of certification as an adult facilities auditor, a juvenile facilities auditor, or certification for both types of facilities where experience warrants. With an adult facilities certification, an auditor is certified and able to audit adult prisons, jails, community confinement facilities, and lockups. With a juvenile facilities certification, an auditor is certified and able to audit all facilities whose primary use is for the confinement of juveniles pursuant to the juvenile justice system or criminal justice system. This change is retroactive and all current auditors’ certifications will be modified on the PRC website to reflect this change. PRC will provide continuing education to existing and future auditors about auditing in different facility types: differences in the standards, challenges that arise in different settings, and any differences in the audit process in the various facility types covered by the standards.

DOJ has also recently certified a number of individuals as PREA auditors. These qualified individuals participated in a 40-hour training and passed the cumulative exam at the conclusion of the training. More names will be added as DOJ continues the certification process.

Click here to access the list of current certified PREA auditors.