The Jail PREA Coordinator - Your Voices From the Field

Date / Time
Elizabeth Layman, Price Layman, Inc.
Isaiah Dennard, Jail Services Coordinator, Certified PREA Auditor, Florida Sheriff’s Association
Regina M. Faticanti, PREA Coordinator, Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, Billerica, Massachusetts
James Kenney, PREA Coordinator, Osceola County Corrections Department, Kissimmee, Florida

This webinar begins with presentations from two jail PREA Coordinators and from a Certified PREA Auditor who has extensive experience working with jails preparing for audits. The PREA Coordinators share their lessons learned and promising practices as they prepared for their audits. The PREA Auditor highlights the challenges he has observed working with jail audits. The webinar includes a controlled submission of questions prior to the beginning of the webinar, with answers being provided during the final 15 minutes.

This webinar is useful to all correctional professionals from jails.

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