Detainee/Resident Education in Police Lockups & Community Confinement

Date / Time
Webinar Host
Just Detention International
Gwyn Smith Downes, Senior Program Director, Just Detention International
Cynthia Totten, Senior Program Director, Just Detention International
TBA: Police lockups and community corrections experts and advocates

Content of the Webinar:
This webinar will cover how to create education programs for detainees and residents in police lockups and community confinement facilities. The session, which is being presented jointly by Just Detention International (JDI) and the National PREA Resource Center, will focus on developing programs that are compliant with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards.

The session will feature talks by officials working in these settings and experts with experience in building successful education programs. The speakers will give first-hand accounts of working in police lockups and community confinement facilities, focusing on the role of detainee/resident education in maintaining safe facilities, and its positive impact on institutional culture. The discussions will include examples of PREA-compliant policies, practices and materials in detainee/resident education.  

Expert speakers will explore the unique challenges of addressing sexual abuse in these settings, given the wide range of environments and supervision levels that fall into these categories, as well as the limited data available on the incidence of sexual abuse in these types of facilities. There will be a question-and-answer session at the end of the training.

Who Should Attend:
Local, state and county law enforcement officials, community confinement personnel, prosecutors, civic and non-profit organizations, treatment professionals, and rape crisis counselors.