What constitutes “repeated” to satisfy the definition of “Sexual harassment”?

Sexual harassment includes—

(1) Repeated and unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or verbal comments, gestures, or actions of a derogatory or offensive sexual nature by one inmate, detainee, or resident directed toward another; and

(2) Repeated verbal comments or gestures of a sexual nature to an inmate, detainee, or resident by a staff member, contractor, or volunteer, including demeaning references to gender, sexually suggestive or derogatory comments about body or clothing, or obscene language or gestures.

"Repeated,” in the context of this provision, means more than one incident. Please note that the seriousness of the conduct should be taken into account in determining the appropriate commensurate response by the agency or facility. Serious misconduct along these lines, even if committed once, should still be addressed by the agency or facility.