March 14, 2013

Is there a validated and objective screening instrument to assess risk of sexual victimization?


PRC has not identified a national validated PREA-specific risk assessment tool currently in operation. DOJ chose not to include a validation requirement for risk assessment tools in the final standards, recognizing that the cost of the validation process is often prohibitive for small agencies. Instead, DOJ decided that objectivity is the most important component of risk assessment tools in the final standards. Standards 115.41, 115.241, and 115.341 address the elements that must be a part of objective risk assessment tools. DOJ takes the position that all staff, with appropriate training, can complete the risk assessment for incoming inmates.

The National PREA Resource Center, in conjunction with its partner, The Vera Institute for Justice, released a document providing guidance on how to objectively screen for risk of sexual victimization and abusiveness and use of the collected information. You can access this document here.