Peer Education Resources

In 2016, Just Detention International (JDI), in collaboration with the National PREA Resource Center, published “PREA and Inmate Education: A Resource Guide”. This guide was developed to provide facilities and agencies with different approaches to implementing PREA inmate education, which is required under the National Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards. One of the approaches profiled in the guide is peer education — an innovative program that gives individuals a leadership role in teaching sexual safety and prevention.

A strong inmate education program is essential for preventing sexual abuse. At a minimum, this program requires that individuals be educated about their right to be safe, and how they can get help. In JDI’s experience, the peer education model — where peers are in charge of leading classes on sexual safety — is particularly effective. Our work inside prisons and jails nationwide has shown that individuals are more likely to retain (and take seriously) education programs when they are led by their peers as opposed to by staff.

These peer education resources help prisons, jails, juvenile and community confinement facilities launch their own peer led PREA education programs to enhance their current staff led PREA inmate orientation program models. 

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