Inmate Education Video and Facilitator's Guide

These slides accompany a webinar that explores the inmate education standard and presents a resource video for facilities to use entitled "PREA: What You Need to Know." The webinar presents tips using the video to build your inmate education program and how to customize the video to the needs of your facility.

PREA: What You Need to Know is a 16-minute closed captioned inmate education video. The video and accompanying facilitator’s guide are designed to help adult prisons, jails, and lockups to meet the inmate education requirements of the PREA Standards (§115.33 and §115.132). The video includes an introductory section that can be used during intake to inform incoming inmates about a facility’s zero-tolerance policy on sexual abuse and how victims can report it. The full video can be used to provide a comprehensive inmate education program.

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This resource applies to:

  •  §115.33 Inmate education (Prisons and Jails)
  • § 115.132 Detainee, contractor, and inmate worker notification of the agency’s zero tolerance policy (Lockups)
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