PREA: What You Need to Know - Inmate Education Video and Facilitator's Guide

PREA: What You Need to Know is a 16-minute closed captioned inmate education video. The video and accompanying facilitator’s guide are designed to help adult prisons, jails, and lockups to meet the inmate education requirements of the US Department of Justice’s National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape (§115.33 and §115.132).

The video includes an introductory section that can be used during intake to inform incoming inmates about a facility’s zero-tolerance policy on sexual abuse and how victims can report it. The full video can be used to provide a comprehensive inmate education program and covers:

  • The definition of sexual abuse and sexual harassment;
  • The absolute right of inmates to be free from such violence;
  • Agency policies and procedures for preventing and responding to sexual abuse and sexual harassment; and
  • How inmates can get support and medical and mental health care after an incident of sexual abuse.

The closed captioned video features a range of experts, including survivors of prisoner rape, former Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) inmate peer educators, advocates, and corrections officials. Because inmate education should be facility specific, the video has information applicable to all adult detention settings.

(For tips on how to use this video to build your inmate education program and how to customize the video to the needs of your facility, view this webinar.)

The accompanying facilitator’s guide explains how facilities can customize the video for their individual inmate education programs. The guide also supports staff facilitators and inmate peer educators who will screen the video, describing how and where to include information about facility policies, reporting channels, available victim services, and how to make inmate education accessible to inmates with limited English proficiency or disabilities.

Intended audience

The closed captioned video is intended for lockup detainees and inmates at adult prisons and jails. The video and facilitator’s guide are intended for representatives from adult prisons, jails, and lockups who will facilitate the inmate education sessions. PREA coordinators and compliance managers are also encouraged to review the materials and attend the inmate education sessions. Other recommended attendees include community-based victim service organizations.

Expected length of training

Intake Education (10 minutes)

  • Three minutes for viewing the video introduction.
  • Seven minutes to present additional information.

Comprehensive Inmate Education (25 minutes)

  • Sixteen minutes to view the video.
  • Nine minutes to present facility-specific information.


The Wisconsin Department of corrections, via their Fiscal Year 2012 PREA grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, translated this video resource into Spanish and Hmong.



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