Victim Services and PREA: A Trauma-Informed Approach

Curriculum Content

The curriculum, “Victim Services and PREA: A Trauma-Informed Approach,” was designed to prepare corrections staff to develop and implement a victim services program that is both trauma-informed and victim-centered. The curriculum includes material that involves aspects of the following PREA standards: 115.16, 115.21–.22, 115.51, 115.53–.54, 115.61–.68, 115.73, 115.81–.83, and 115.86. The curriculum guides officials, step-by-step, through the process of establishing victim services programs in a variety of confinement settings; prepares staff members to carry out trauma-informed, victim-services programs, including collaboration with community advocacy agencies; helps create a corrections culture where reporting sexual abuse and sexual harassment is perceived as a viable option; and contributes to efforts to prevent, detect, and respond to sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

Intended Audience

The curriculum is intended for individuals who work in corrections facilities (prisons, jails, community confinement, lockups, and juvenile detention) in any capacity as well as community advocates who may be involved in developing or providing victim services programs for confinement facilities.

Curriculum Modules and Training Length

The modules are designed to be presented all together or as a series. They also stand alone so that facilities can customize a training, using only the modules that are most relevant. Suggestions for two-hour, half-day, full-day, and day-and-a-half trainings are included in the Instructor’s Guide.

The curriculum contains an Instructor’s Guide and Lesson Plan, pre- and post-tests, and seven modules with appendices.

» Module 1, Appendix A: Pre-Test

» Module 1, Appendix A: Pre-Test Answer Key

» Module 1, Appendix B: Small-Group Scenarios

» Module 2, Appendix A: Sample Memorandum of Understanding

» Module 2, Appendix B: José’s Story

» Module 3, Appendix A: Yarn Exercise

» Module 3, Appendix B: What would you do next?

» Module 4, Appendix A: Reporting Scenarios

» Module 5, Appendix A: Tips for Handling Disclosures of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

» Module 5, Appendix B: Round Robin Role Plays

» Module 6, Appendix A: SART/Coordinated Response

» Module 6, Appendix B: SART Development

» Module 6, Appendix C: SART Protocol Development

» Module 6, Appendix D: SART Roles and Responsibilities

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