Sexual Abuse Incident Review (SAIR) Procedure, Meeting Template, CAP Document

The PRC, along with its partner, The Moss Group, Inc., has released an instructional guide on conducting meaningful sexual abuse incident reviews and documenting the outcomes of these reviews and any corrective actions taken by the agency. The Moss Group, Inc., and PRC produced this resource in an effort to support agency efforts to demonstrate compliance with the PREA standard §115.86, 115.186, 115.286, 115.386. However, the standards do not require the usage of any specific template or curricula, including those produced by the PRC. Agencies evaluating training products should complete an independent evaluation of whether or not the training product will meet specific requirements as specified by the PREA standards. This procedure is based on the requirements in PREA Standard § 115.86, sexual abuse incident reviews. Unlike the sexual abuse investigation, which is intended to determine whether the abuse occurred, the sexual abuse incident review is intended to evaluate whether the facility’s policies and procedures need to be changed in light of the alleged incident. See below for links to these resources.

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