PREA Standard in Focus 115.63

115.63 Reporting to other confinement facilities

PREA Standards in Focus is a feature designed to provide a quick synopsis of a PREA standard, the intent and purpose, implementation tips, challenges, and a few audit issues related to the standard to assist in further awareness and education. FAQs and resources are directly linked to provide ease of access and bundle in one place. 

Note: Standards in Focus (SIFs) are not intended for use by the Department of Justice-certified PREA auditors to evaluate PREA compliance. SIFs are a tool designed to help agencies and facilities implement, educate, and become familiar with the PREA standards and some related best practices, but are not a compliance checklist. They contain guidance about implementation best practices that may not be required and thus it would not be appropriate for auditors to audit against the SIF. SIFs also do not exhaust implementation guidance for every requirement in every standard.

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