Cultures of Safety in Corrections Curriculum for First- and Second-Level Supervisors

As stated in the United States Department of Justice PREA Final Rule: "The success of the PREA standards in combating sexual abuse in confinement facilities will depend on effective agency and facility leadership, and the development of an agency culture that prioritizes efforts to combat sexual abuse. Effective leadership and culture cannot, of course, be directly mandated by rule. Yet implementation of the standards will help foster a change in culture by institutionalizing policies and practices that bring these concerns to the fore.

The PRC, along with its partner, The Moss Group, Inc., has released this seven (7) module training package of interactive vignettes to be used to supplement existing training. It is designed for trainers in adult corrections and juvenile justice to supplement training sessions with interactive, pragmatic scenarios to encourage class discussion and ensure a deeper understanding of the need to create a culture of sexual safety. The goals for this curriculum are listed below:


  • Build upon pre-existing knowledge of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Standards and best practices in prisons, jails, community confinement, and juvenile detention facilities to support a culture of safety, especially sexual safety. 
  • Provide pragmatic, reality-based scenarios to first- and second-level supervisors for working with staff and ensuring a culture of respect and safety. 
  • Provide resources to trainers related to subject matter to ensure effective delivery of the material. 
  • Offer alternatives to corrections and juvenile justice facilities for training first- and second-level supervisors by providing facilitation alternatives, such as small group work, shift briefing, and individual work exercises.

Target Audience

This material is designed to support first- and second-level supervisors in establishing and maintaining day-to-day cultural norms that support sexual safety with those whom they supervise. This is accomplished by gaining staff buy-in, using effective communication skills, and role modeling appropriate behaviors when responding to allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

Module Overview

Communication and Staff Buy-In This is a 45-minute lesson plan
Conflict Management and De-escalation This is a 60-minute lesson plan
Professional Boundaries and Effective Communication This is a 60-minute lesson plan
Professional Boundaries and Perception This is a 60-minute lesson plan
Responding to Sexual Abuse Allegations This is a 70-minute lesson plan
Staff Buy-In This is a 45-minute lesson plan
Staff Wellness This is a 60-minute lesson plan


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The Moss Group, Inc.
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Prisons and Jails
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