Field Training Program

As a requirement for certification, auditor candidates are required to complete a training audit as part of the Field Training Program. The goal of the Field Training Program is to provide auditor candidates with an opportunity to transfer the knowledge and skills they attained during the classroom-based PREA auditor candidate training to a field-auditing experience in a supervised and supportive environment. Specifically, the Field Training Program audit will strengthen auditor candidates’ understanding of the PREA Standards, hone their auditing skills, and provide an opportunity to implement the PREA audit methodology.

Auditor candidates are assigned a specific training audit based on geographic location and are expected to complete the full training audit. Participation in the Field Training Program requires approximately 19 weeks to complete all phases of the audit, including: 35–40 hours during the pre-onsite audit phase, a minimum of 55 “working hours” during the onsite audit phase, and 35–40 hours during the post-onsite audit phase. PRC staff will provide logistical information for all training audits, but applicants will be responsible for securing lodging reservations and coordinating travel arrangements to the training location. Auditor trainees will be reimbursed up to $1,500 for travel, lodging, and other approved expenses for the field training audit (reimbursable per federal per diem guidelines). More information about the Field Training Program and what is expected of auditor candidates can be found in the Field Training Program syllabus and manual, which are available in the PRC Training and Resource Portal.  

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