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Field Training Program Field Training Auditor

The PRC and the PMO at DOJ have identified a need to increase the experience and number of auditors actively involved in conducting audits across the United States. The PRC, in collaboration with the PMO, require an auditor’s participation in training beyond the classroom certification training through participation in the Field Training Program (FTP). The FTP is a required condition of the certification process. Auditors are assigned to a specific FTP training audit based on geographical location and are expected to complete the full training audit experience (approximately 21 weeks which includes the pre-onsite, onsite, and post-onsite audit phases). Auditor trainees conduct training audits in teams in the field under the supervision, guidance, and mentorship of very seasoned certified auditors. This program will allow auditors with significant experience and a proven record of accomplishment to mentor auditor trainees seeking certification.

The PRC and the PMO are, therefore, seeking up to eight highly experienced DOJ-certified PREA auditors to function as Field Training Auditors (FTAs) in the late 2018-early 2019 cycle. The priority deadline to be considered for the 2018-2019 cycle is March 18, 2018.

The selected FTAs will be responsible for mentoring and supervising small groups of auditor trainees to help them gain field experience conducting facility audits. FTAs should be auditors who have demonstrated through their PREA audit performance and reports that they conduct high-quality, comprehensive audits with appropriate application of the standards and PREA audit methodology as described in the PREA Auditor Handbook.

Each training audit will require approximately 25 days of work, consisting of:

  • Up to eight days of intermittent prep and follow-up with the audit team, conducted via email/telephone/teleconference;
  • Four consecutive days onsite, immediately preceded by one travel day and evening team meeting, followed by one travel day with a training team meeting in the morning of the last day (six days total); and
  • Up to 11 days of post onsite follow-up.
  • Some FTAs will have the additional opportunity to provide up to 20 hours of follow up technical assistance to the host facility.


  • Demonstrated experience with the PREA standards, interpretation, and implementation.
  • Demonstrated training experience.
  • Supervisory and mentoring skills and/or experience.
  • Must have previously conducted and documented at least two PREA compliance audits.
  • Must be able to demonstrate proof of professional liability insurance.

For more information on the Field Training Program, please visit the PRC website.