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PREA Management Office Issues Statement on Third Party Auditing Software

PMO has issued a statement on the use of third party auditing software clarifying that the Department of Justice (DOJ) Audit Instrument is the only Audit Instrument DOJ-certified PREA auditors are authorized to use in conducting the PREA audit. While correctional agencies may use third party software to assist with preparation (e.g., document retention) PREA auditors may not use such software to replace or supersede DOJ’s audit instrument.

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What Stories Do the Numbers Tell? Putting PREA Audits and Local Implementation Efforts in Context

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Since August 2013, almost 6,000 PREA audits have been completed and the data collected by the PREA Resource Center, in support of the US DOJ, has become an essential feature of understanding the audit landscape. Audit data can tell us a great deal about the positive changes corrections, detention, and law enforcement professionals have made in the facilities under their operational control, and the ways these successes help to protect inmates, residents, and detainees from sexual abuse and sexual harassment and create safer working environments for staff. The first segment of this session will show what we have learned from audit data over the first two cycles, including implementation trends, growth in audit uptake, distribution across facility types and geography, and trends in compliance and corrective action.