Meeting the Youthful Inmate Standard: Implications for Operations, Promising Practices and the Law

Date / Time
Webinar Location
Prof. Brenda V. Smith, Director, The Project on Addressing Prison Rape
Co-Presenters, TBA

Content of the Webinar: This webinar focuses on the content and application of the Youthful Inmate standard.  During the webinar, Prof. Smith and co-presenters will: (1) review the youthful inmate standard 115.14; (2) discuss the particulars of youthful inmates in custodial settings—gender, settings and age; (3) outline models for housing youthful inmates; (4) discuss operational strategies for keeping youthful inmates safe in adult settings; and (5) discuss legal issues related to housing and protection of youthful inmates.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is open to correctional professionals and agencies, individuals and organizations working with youth in adult custodial settings, attorneys, advocates and others interested in these issues.