Medical Forensic Exams for Incarcerated Survivors: PREA Case Studies Webinar

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In this webinar — supplementing the three-part PREA webinar series hosted by the PRC and the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) — Just Detention International (JDI) joined the PRC and IAFN experts to share case study examples relating to the provision of medical forensic exams for incarcerated survivors. Drawing from key issues explored in the previous three-part series, as well as participant feedback, these case study examples illustrated some of the foremost challenges to delivering care and collecting evidence in the aftermath of sexual abuse. Specifically, the speakers highlighted the appropriate activation and response process for accessing the medical forensic examination; how to maintain effective communication throughout the response process; considerations for the medical forensic exam; and post-assault care for incarcerated survivors — all through the lens of pertinent PREA Standards.

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Both the IAFN and the PRC have archived the previously recorded three-part webinar series, providing the opportunity for review by participants who are interested. The webinar titles are as follows: 1) PREA Standard 115.21:  Focusing on Collaboration, 2) PREA Demystifying Medical Forensic Exams, & 3) PREA Standard 115.65: How to Have a Successful Coordinated Response to Sexual Abuse.

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