How can the PREA Resource Center help?


The PREA Resource Center (PRC) is designed to offer assistance to state and local agencies working to address sexual abuse in their confinement facilities, adult and juvenile. One of our primary purposes is to help with implementation of the standards, but we have a broader mission to help address the issue of prison rape by providing a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing examples of innovation and emerging best practices. The PREA Essentials page is a great starting place for reviewing the standards, including common issues and resources specific to various standard sections. The PRC website offers a full library with research and tools to help agencies learn about the issue and to learn about strategies for preventing, detecting, and responding to sexual abuse in confinement. In addition, the library contains tools to help agencies develop PREA policies and implement the standards. To search the library, click here. The PRC library also contains links to resources for survivors.

The PRC offers training and technical assistance in a variety of forms. We host webinars on topics relevant to standards implementation and addressing sexual abuse in confinement in general. You can find a listing of webinars and other upcoming and archived events here. Where there is need, the PRC responds to individual requests for technical assistance from agencies and facilities. To learn more about our training and technical assistance, click here.