Employee Training

Curriculum Title: PREA Employee Training

Partner Developer: The Moss Group, Inc.


This curriculum was developed to assist agencies in addressing training requirements found in PREA standards 115.31, 115.131, 115.231, and 115.331. Because each correctional setting represents distinct differences that cannot be captured easily in a one-size-fits-all training, it is anticipated that trainers will customize this training to more fully meet the specific needs of a particular facility or agency. To that end, it is essential that trainers work diligently with the agency PREA coordinator to collect appropriate policies and procedures referenced in the facilitator guides for each unit. Understanding and fulfilling agency policy requirements is a vital part of addressing requirements of the PREA standards. Please note: If any part of the training conflicts with your agency policy, please follow your agency/facility policy. However, differences should be reviewed for any policy considerations that may result.

Due to the sensitive topics covered in these training modules, it is recommended that the trainer identify a mental health practitioner or a local resource who can work with any staff who may be triggered when discussing or hearing about the topics covered in the trainings. It is important to identify the mental health provider prior to beginning each training unit or at the beginning of each day of training.

Intended Audience

The curriculum was designed specifically for an audience of correctional employees, although much of the content would benefit volunteers and contractors.

Curriculum Units and Training Length

The curriculum includes six units that total 11.5 hours. It is understood that staff training hours may be restrictive, requiring modification of the curriculum to meet the allotted hours. This training was designed to be as concise as possible while still including meaningful discussion and application of skills. Suggested discussions and exercises should be conducted when possible.