Directory of PREA Audits

This directory allows the public to search for and review the status of all upcoming, ongoing, and completed PREA audits initiated on or after June 30, 2022.

Users can customize searches by onsite date, auditor name, facility/agency name, location, and type. Users can also download search results by selecting 'Download Results' and selecting the format of their choice.

Each tile represents either a facility audit or an agency audit which is indicated under the Audit Type field found on each audit tile. Please note: a facility audit is an audit that functions to evaluate an individual facility's compliance with the PREA standards while an agency audit is an audit of only certain agency-level standards.

Users can also contact Auditors directly for specific audits. To do so, click on the tile of the audit for which you would like to reach the auditor. Click the “Contact Auditor” button, and complete the contact form with the appropriate information.

If you would like to provide specific, factual information about the behavior or conduct of a specific auditor or auditors, please use the Auditor Feedback Form.

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Miami, FL
Riverside Christian Ministries, Inc.Riverside Christian Ministries, Inc.
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James Kenney