What to Expect From Your PREA Auditor

Lessons Learned From the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

The PREA audit looms large for agencies and facilities working on PREA implementation. This webinar will provide advice and guidance for working effectively with your auditor and what you should expect from your auditor. The webinar will profile the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (NDDOCR) and the lessons learned from their experience.

The NDDOCR worked diligently agency-wide on PREA implementation with a goal of having each facility undergo an audit by August 2015. Having recently completed the last of these audits, the director and staff from NDDOCR will reflect on their use of teamwork to effectively implement the PREA standards and prepare for facility PREA audits. Ms. Huff will add the valuable perspective of a DOJ-certified PREA auditor, serving as one of the auditors involved in auditing the NDDOCR facilities.

Presenters will focus on what to expect from your auditor throughout the entire audit process, beginning with contracting for an auditor, through corrective action, and issuance of the final report.

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