Taking your First PREA Steps

Taking your First PREA Steps: Guidance for Jail PREA Coordinators and Compliance Managers

This Webinar is designed for jail personnel responsible for implementing PREA and monitoring PREA compliance in their facilities. The webinar covers topics, such as: 

  • The role and responsibility of the PREA Coordinator and PREA Compliance Manager;
  • Getting leadership on-board with the critical nature of PREA;
  • Tips for gaining staff buy-in as change is implemented;
  • Myth-busters about PREA; and
  • How to find resources to help with implementation, staff education, inmate education, designing and conducting risk assessments, and how to develop a PREA-compliant adequate staffing plan.

Listeners will also hear first-hand from PREA Coordinators and PREA Compliance Managers from across the country. Featured in the webinar are James Kenney, PREA Coordinator at the Osceola Corrections in Florida (County Jail) and Erica Bravo, PREA Manager at the Santa Clara County California Sheriffs’ Office (County Jail). These presenters discuss their first steps as they began their PREA implementation process, what challenges they experienced and how these challenges were resolved, and tips they have to support success for jails across the country.  The Webinar ends with a question and answer session.

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