Human Resources and Administrative Investigations

Project on Addressing Prison Rape, American Univeristy, Washington College of Law

Purpose: Human Resources and Administrative Investigations is a training covering the National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape and their implications for administrative investigations and human resource policies and procedures.

Following are the goals of the training.

  1. Review the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards and identify their impact on administrative investigations and human resources.
  2. Identify components of investigative and human resource policies and procedures as they relate to sexual abuse of persons in custody.
  3. Understand the legal and investigative implications of and strategies for responding.
  4. Intended audience (similar to what we have done for webinars—please provide a list of who is best suited to receive the training)

The audience for this particular training is high-level correctional administrators in leadership positions who have the ability to initiate intra-agency change. Likely trainees include deputy commissioners, lead human resources personnel, general counsel, lead administrative investigators, PREA coordinators, PREA compliance managers, jail administrators, and division directors.

Facilitators Guide

Module 1: Training Objectives         

Module 2: The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003

Module 2 Resources:

  1. The National Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards
  2. Data Collection Reports from the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Module 3: Module 3: State Criminal Laws

Module 4: PREA Guided Policies         

Module 4 Resources: PREA Guided Policies

  1. Policy Development/Review guides for:
    Community Corrections

Module 5: Agency Culture 

Module 5 Resources:

  1. Culture Assessment Survey
  2. Ethical Decision Making
  3. The Daily Dozen

Module 6: Operational Practices

Module 7: Techniques for Strong Investigations

Module 7 Resources

  1. Signs of Staff Sexual Misconduct
  2. Not a Rat
  3. Staff Perspectives
  4. United States. U.S. Department of Justice/ Office of Inspector General. The Department of Justice's Efforts to Prevent Staff Sexual Abuse of Federal Inmates

Module 8: Human Resources and Pre-Employment Practices

Module 8 Resources:

  1. Sample Reference Waivers- for access to this document email
  2. State Survey of Child Abuse Registries
  3. General: Enhanced Screening of BOP Officer Candidates Could Reduce Likelihood of Misconduct
  4. “Issues in Investigating Sexual Assaults in Correctional Facilities” Staff Perspectives: Sexual Violence in Adult Prisons and Jails. The Moss Group Inc.
  5. Correctional Internal Affairs Investigators: Job Analysis. Comp. by The Moss Group Inc.

Module 9: Human Resources and the Law

Module 9 Resources:

  1. Memorandum: Anti-fraternization Policies
  2. Labor and Employment Law: Tools for Prevention, Investigation and Discipline of StaffSexual Misconduct in Custodial Settings
  3. Integrity in Jail Operations: Addressing Employee/ Inmate Relationships
  4. Policy on Worker Relations Helps Ensure Office Integrity
  5. Case Law Summary: Anti-fraternization Policies

Module 10: Legal Liability and Administrative Investigations 

Module 10 Resources:

  1. Case Law Summary: Cross Gender Supervision
  2. Case law Summary: Sexual Abuse




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