Dynamics of Sexual Abuse in Confinement Training

PREA Standard §115.31, 115.131, 115.231 and 115.331 Employee Training, requires training on several topics, one of which is the “dynamics of sexual abuse in confinement." Not only should agencies train employees on the definitions related to sexual abuse and sexual harassment pursuant to Standard 115.6, agencies should offer a deeper look at the nuances and dynamics of sexual abuse in confinement spaces. 
This 4-part video series was recorded by Marion Morgan, Associate Director at the PRC, as part of her "Dynamics of Sexual Abuse in Confinement" PREA Academy presentation. Marion divided this presentation into four distinct sections: Compassion Fatigue, Corrections Fatigue, & Self Care; Sexual Abuse Inside and Outside with an Open Mind; Vulnerable and Targeted Populations Through the Lens of Sexual Safety; and Detecting & Preventing Sexual Abuse in Confinement.

You can view the 4-part video series below:

Compassion Fatigue, Corrections Fatigue & Self Care


Sexual Abuse Outside and Inside: With an Open Mind


Vulnerable and Targeted Populations


Detecting and Preventing Sexual Abuse in Confinement

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