Developing Partnerships with Community-Based Service Providers - Part I

The Vera Institute of Justice and Just Detention International, in collaboration with the National PREA Resource Center, present Part I of a two-part webinar series on how to include victim service providers in a facility’s sexual abuse prevention and response efforts. In this webinar, the PREA Coordinator for the WA State Department of Corrections (DOC) will discuss with representatives from the WA State Office of Crime Victims Advocacy and the WA Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs how their agencies are partnering at the state level to ensure that victims of sexual abuse in DOC facilities have access to victim advocates. In addition, the Jail Administrator of the Barnwell County Detention Center and a representative from the South Carolina Victim Assistance Network will discuss how jails can forge similar partnerships with local rape crisis centers and other victim service providers.

Access the webinar recording: Part I

Access the webinar recording: Part II

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