Credibility Assessments: Best Practice Guidelines for Investigators

PREA Standard § 115.71 Criminal and administrative agency investigations provision (e) requires: the credibility of an alleged victim, suspect, or witness shall be assessed on an individual basis and shall not be determined by the person’s status as inmate or staff. This 90-minute webinar covers many aspects of credibility assessments and better defines what is meant by documentation of credibility assessments as mentioned in the Standards, to include a review of the discussion in the PREA Final Rule. Our featured presenter Elizabeth “Beth” Layman, Price Layman Associates, also discusses the keys to conducting credibility assessments; the processes that investigator’s use for this; and what an auditor would look for in the investigative materials to determine if the requirements of this standard are met. The webinar includes real-life examples of what a credibility assessment would involve during an investigation.

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