Certified auditors

Certified auditors include those individuals who have passed a criminal background records check, completed the Auditor Training Program (including receiving a passing score on their final post-training exam), completed the Field Training Program, and signed the auditor certification agreement. Certified auditors must maintain their certification by participating in mandatory continuing education coursework, meeting auditor reporting requirements, and successfully completing all recertification requirements every three years. 

Facilities or agencies seeking a DOJ-certified PREA auditor may browse the list below and can find an auditor by selecting “Certified” from the Auditor search menu. Additional names will be listed as pending certifications are finalized. For information about audit contracting arrangements and requirements, please visit the Contracting for an audit section. 

Note: Under no circumstances may individuals who are not DOJ-certified auditors participate or engage in the substantive work of a formal PREA audit unless they are acting under the direction of a DOJ-certified auditor.

To see the list of auditors who are currently certified, select “Certified” from the Auditor search menu.