Fiscal Year 2012

In 2012, BJA awarded grants to 12 correctional jurisdictions to implement their plans for creating “zero-tolerance” cultures for sexual abuse, including comprehensive approaches to prevention and detection, and responses to incidents of sexual abuse. These 12 grants were provided to the jurisdictions via a state agency grantee:

Grantee/state government agency: California Emergency Management Agency
Implementing agency: City of Los Angeles Police Department

Grantee: Colorado Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Adult and Juvenile Justice Assistance
Implementing agencies: Pitkin County Jail and Lincoln County Jail

Grantee: District of Columbia Office of Victims Services
Implementing agency: District of Columbia Department of Corrections

Grantee: Indiana Department of Correction
Implementing agency: the implementing agencies for this grant will be 24 locally operated work release facilities:

Grantee: Kentucky Department of Corrections
Implementing agency: Louisville Metro DOC

Grantee: Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice
Implementing agency: Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice

Grantee: Middlesex Sheriff’s Office
Implementing agency: Middlesex Sheriff’s Office

Grantee: New Mexico Department of Public Safety
Implementing agency: Bernalillo County, New Mexico Metropolitan Detention Center

Grantee: New York State Division of Criminal Justice
Implementing agency: New York City Department of Correction

Grantee: New York State Office of Children & Family Services
Implementing agencies: Horizon Juvenile Justice Center and Crossroads Juvenile Justice Center

Grantee: Washington Department of Commerce
Implementing agency: Clallam County, Washington Sheriff’s Office

Grantee: Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Implementing agencies: