Instructions for PREA audit site review

The PREA audit site review is a critically important part of the audit process that allows the auditor to observe, test, and review operations, core functions, and other facility practices in real time during the onsite phase of the audit. The site review is not a casual tour of the facility. It is an active process by which the auditor observes all areas, tests critical functions, and has conversations with staff and inmates to determine whether, and the extent to which, the audited facility’s practices demonstrate compliance with the Standards.

The PREA audit site review instructions provide basic guidance concerning the details of the site review, including: how to approach review of the facility’s physical plant and ensure that all areas are accessed and reviewed; how to assess a facility’s surveillance technology and other electronic tools and information, where relevant; how to review and assess the facility’s privacy practices (e.g., showering protocols, toileting procedures, cross-gender announcements); how to test critical systems and functions (e.g., intake screening, classification, education, phones/kiosks operation, reporting processes); and how to use the process of informal conversations with inmates and staff during the site review to supplement interview and documentation review findings.