Instructions for PREA audit site review

PREA Standard 115.401(h) states, “The auditor shall have access to, and shall observe, all areas of the audited facilities.” In order to meet the requirements in this Standard, the site review portion of the onsite audit must include a thorough examination of the entire facility. The PREA audit site review is not a casual tour of the facility. It is an active, inquiring process that includes Standards-driven observations, tests of critical functions, and informal conversations with people confined in the facility, staff, volunteers, and contractors. During the site review, auditors must observe all areas and test all critical functions as outlined in these documents. If something in the site review instructions is not applicable to the facility or it is not possible to observe or test, auditors must discuss barriers to observations/testing in the relevant Standard specific discussions and the Post-Audit Reporting Information section of the Auditor Compliance Tool.  Pursuant to the PREA Auditor Handbook (Handbook), auditors are not permitted to conduct the site review portion of the onsite audit remotely.

As required in the Handbook, auditors must take thorough notes and document their observations during the site review, including any issues identified, tests of critical functions, and any other areas or practices that may require additional discussions with individuals or proof documentation from the facility. Auditors are encouraged, but not required, to take notes using the PREA Audit Site Review Checklist.

PREA Audit Site Review Instructions 

PREA Audit Site Review Checklist

The Site Review Checklist is an optional tool that auditors may use to guide and track documentation of evidence gathered during the site review: