Auditor Training

To be considered for PREA auditor candidate training, individuals must complete an online application and submit a current resume/curriculum vitae; two references; and copies of transcripts from an accredited school or a letter from an academic institution confirming the applicant’s highest diploma, degree, or academic achievement. In addition to references, an applicant may submit a letter of support from agency or facility leadership. Applicants whose jurisdiction has or is developing circular auditing arrangements with other jurisdictions, or whose leadership supports his or her candidacy as part of an effort to build internal PREA auditing capacity, may upload a letter of support from his or her agency executive on agency letterhead detailing this arrangement as part of the application. Note that agency-supported applicants must meet the same qualifications as any other applicant in order to qualify for PREA Auditor Training and certification. Agency support does not replace any other qualification requirements. 

In the event that there are more applicants for each training event than seats available, DOJ will select applicants with the goal of developing and enhancing a broad and diverse pool of certified auditors, with consideration given to factors such as: geographic location, intent to audit, professional qualifications, and which set of PREA Standards or what type of facility each applicant will be certified to audit.

If selected, auditor candidates must complete the PREA Auditor Training which includes 20 hours of remote advance work, a pre-training examination, a 40-hour PREA auditor certification training session, and a post-training examination. Any travel, lodging, and meal costs associated with attending the PREA Auditor Training are the responsibility of the applicant. There is no fee associated with attending or participating in the training course itself.

Please note, to be considered for auditor candidate training you must submit a new application with current materials. Previously received applications submitted for past auditor trainings will not be reviewed.

The latest deadline to apply was December 16, 2019. You can access a copy of the full application to preview questions.