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PREA Communications and Resource Development Mini-Grants

The intent of this solicitation is to provide funds for communications activities (dialogue, education, and mobilization) and resource development efforts of national or regional scope impacting sexual abuse in confinement and/or the implementation and sustainability of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards. Funded deliverable types include convenings or sponsored collaboration, publications, or other outreach activities. Applications will be accepted until Thursday, August 31, 2017. 

Although applicants are permitted to submit more than one application, each applicant is eligible for a maximum of three awards under this solicitation.

To access the application, please click here.

This application closed on August 31, 2017.

Questions about any aspect of the solicitation must be submitted via email to Michelle Duhart-Tonge at


Questions and Answers regarding the solicitation

Q1. Can you please clarify what the definition of "regional" and "regional impact" is when being used in this mini-grant?
Answer: Projects that have "regional impact" are projects that expand the opportunity for success beyond a single jurisdiction or agency to include other agencies that are located in the same state or area of the country. In some cases, "regional" projects may aim to work with two or more state agencies in a particular area of the country (southeast, southwest, midwest, etc.). If the project is designed to work with county agencies, then a project that has "regional impact" might propose to work with two or more county agencies, or county and state agencies within the same state. Essentially, the goal is to encourage proposals that consider the opportunity to use geographic proximity to expand the impact of the project by working with two or more agencies that are located in the same state or same area of the country.
Q2. Can an applicant submit more than three proposals?
Answer: An applicant can submit more than three separate proposals, but an applicant can only be awarded a maximum of three proposals that total no more than $50K each for this solicitation.
Q3. If we were going to submit proposals for more than one mini-grant, do we need to submit separate applications for each project?
Answer: Yes. A separate application is required for each award.
Q4. Are State agencies eligible to apply for this solicitation?
Answer: No, State agencies are not eligible to apply for this solicitation. Eligible applicants are limited to any nonprofit organization, for-profit (commercial) organization (including tribal nonprofit or for-profit organizations), or institution of higher education (including tribal institutions of higher education) that have expertise and experience managing and developing communications and resources addressing corrections or criminal justice issues at the national or regional levels.
Q5. The first round of applications is due Friday, July 14, but do you have a schedule for when others will be due or is it a rolling cycle and you can apply at any time?
Answer: The National PREA Resource Center anticipates issuing awards from the first round of applications in mid to late August 2017. Once the initial awards have been made, reviews will begin of the applications received after the July 14th deadline. Each application will be reviewed and assessed upon receipt. When the available funds are fully awarded, the PRC will remove the competitive solicitation from its website and will issue a notification that the application period has ended.