Through a cooperative agreement between BJA and Impact Justice

Implementation and Audit Preparedness Training

The PRC, operated via a competitively awarded cooperative agreement between Impact Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance within the US Department of Justice's (DOJ) Office of Justice Programs, is proud to offer the first Implementation and Audit Preparedness Training in October 2017. The PRC has consistently received feedback on its Auditor Training program that the knowledge and skills trainees gain are unparalleled. Trainees who attend Auditor Training on behalf of their facility or agency return not only with auditing skills, but with expertise needed to assist their agency’s implementation efforts. The PRC has, therefore, produced the Implementation and Audit Preparedness Training to meet the needs of practitioners and agency staff in the field who want the in-depth training provided at Auditor Training, but who are not seeking auditor certification. This 40-hour classroom training will help individuals prepare their facilities for a PREA audit and carry out long-term implementation of the PREA standards. PREA coordinators, compliance managers, and other individuals with similar functions will have the benefit of participating in a training that parallels the long-standing PREA Auditor Training without completing the additional requirements for certification, such as the exam, background check, field training, and continuing education requirements.

Like the PREA Auditor Training, the Implementation and Audit Preparedness Training will cover several topics, including the dynamics of sexual abuse in confinement, the PREA audit process and standard requirements, LGBTI sensitivity, and expectations of auditors and audit reports. In addition, this training will focus on implementation strategies and challenges with several opportunities for Q&A and small group discussion.

The training will be held in Phoenix, AZ, October 2-6, 2017. The application for this training will open in April 2017. To receive a notification when the application opens, please click here to sign up for PRC updates.