Inmate Education Resource Guide

Curriculum Title: PREA and Inmate Education: Resource Guide

Partner developer: Just Detention International

PREA and Inmate Education aims to help corrections officials craft a robust inmate education program that promotes safe, secure facilities, while also bringing agencies into compliance with the requirements of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards. This guide offers proven strategies and tools for setting up programs in each of the four types of facilities covered under the standards: adult prisons and jails, police lockups, community confinement facilities, and juvenile facilities. Case examples are also provided to illustrate how a range of facilities are successfully implementing the PREA standards related to inmate education.

This guide reviews many strategies for putting in place effective inmate education programs. Each approach highlighted has its advantages; when used together, in a complementary fashion, they can reinforce an agency's zero-tolerance message, create a culture where inmates feel safe reporting, ensure the program's sustainability, and prevent sexual abuse.