Implementation Timeline

Many elements of the audit assignment system, such as training and oversight of auditors, are ongoing. With regard to the final two elements of the audit assignment system—the audit initiation rules and public availability of information about each audit—the PREA Management Office will implement these elements in June of 2022, according to the timeline below. 

Audit Assignment System Element Timeline
PREA Auditor Training and Certification Program Ongoing
Public, Searchable Database of DOJ-Certified PREA Auditors Ongoing
PREA Audit Oversight Program Ongoing
Audit Initiation Process and Rules

Submission of Audit Initiation Form: Ongoing

Auditors are already required to submit an Audit Initiation Form for each audit in which they are lead auditor. The audit assignment system will require some updates to the content of the form, which will take effect in June 2022, including the requirement for auditors to upload a copy of the audit contract with the audited agency. 

Audit Initiation Form Approval: June 2022

The PREA Management Office will begin approving auditors to conduct audits in June 2022. 

Publicly Available Audit Information June 2022


The PREA Management Office may amend the audit assignment system in the future based on changes to existing capacity, statutory obligations, and available resources. Any changes to the audit assignment system will be communicated in a timely fashion to all stakeholders.