Publicly Available Audit Information

Once the Audit Initiation Form is approved, information about the audit will be posted to the PREA Resource Center website so that corrections practitioners, advocates, families of incarcerated individuals, and other members of the public can view a list of upcoming audits. The website will include details about each audit, including the assigned auditor, facility and agency information, scheduled onsite audit dates, and a copy of the final PREA audit report once completed. A link will be provided so that interested stakeholders can contact the auditor directly to provide information about relevant conditions at the facility. 

The website will also include a link to the Auditor Feedback Form so that stakeholders can submit information regarding an assigned auditor to the PREA Management Office. In the event that the PREA Management Office receives credible allegations that an auditor violated his or her auditor certification requirements in the course of an audit, the PREA Management Office may take appropriate disciplinary action against the auditor, up to and including suspension or decertification, as described in the PREA Auditor Handbook. In cases where disciplinary action is taken against an auditor, depending on when the complaint is received and the timing of the audit, the PREA Management Office may notify the agency/facility so that it may identify a different auditor to conduct the audit, if warranted.