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10. Data Collection and Review

Agencies are required to collect and aggregate data regarding incidents of sexual abuse in order to detect possible patterns and to help prevent future incidents. This includes data from private facilities with which agencies contract for confinement. At a minimum, this data must include information sufficient to answer fully all questions in the most recent revision of the Survey of Sexual Violence (SSV) conducted by DOJ.

The standards require agencies to use the data to identify problem areas and take ongoing corrective action. They also require preparation of a publicly available, annual report for each facility and for the agency as a whole, comparing the current year’s data with data from prior years and providing an assessment of the agency’s progress in addressing sexual abuse. In addition, the standards govern the retention and publication of the underlying data on which the reports are based.

STANDARDS. Click on the following links to access the data collection standards for Adult Prisons and Jails, Community Confinement Facilities, Juvenile Facilities, and Lockups.