Field Training Program Update

The PREA Resource Center (PRC) is pleased to announce that the first training audit of the Field Training Program is scheduled to take place May 4-8, 2015 in the state of Washington. Field Training Auditor, Eric Woodford will lead a group of Certified Auditor Trainees (CATs) in conducting a training audit of a state prison facility. Mr. Woodford, along with PRC staff and Department of Justice (DOJ) staff, will be present to provide guidance and support to the CATs throughout the training audit. CATs will interact with the facility staff, review documentation, conduct interviews, review files, participate in corrective action plan development (if applicable), and craft a report to provide to the training audit facility.

The PRC and the PREA Management Office at the Bureau of Justice Assistance within DOJ are proud to continue to support these learning opportunities for auditors and for the volunteer facilities. If you have questions about the program, feel free to contact us at