Sexual Misconduct in Prisons: Law, Remedies, and Incidence - May 2000

Changes since 1996 in state laws and agency policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct are reported. Sexual misconduct is defined as “sexual behavior, contact, or relationships between correctional staff and inmates/offenders” (p. 1). Sections cover: an introduction; legislative actions; litigation; agency strategies for addressing staff sexual misconduct such as policies, training, investigation processes, and apprising inmates of sexual misconduct issues; incidence and outcomes of sexual misconduct; respondents’ views on the problem; and concluding remarks.

Evaluation of the Colorado Department of Corrections’ Prison Rape Elimination Program.

The Colorado Department of Corrections implemented the PREA program in 2005. Under this program the department has sought to educate staff and offenders, identify potential victims and predators, and employ procedures with which to respond to all sexual incidents involving inmates and staff. This study evaluates the implementation of this program and provides feedback on operations, identifies strengths of the program, and points to areas needing further attention.