TGNCI Model Policy

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This guide discusses PREA standards relevant to Trans/Gender Non-conforming/Intersex youth populations governing a range of practices, including risk assessment, housing and classification, searches, and privacy. This new resource offers practical policies that operationalize the standards and provide clear guidance to facility staff about promoting the safety and well-being of TGNCI residents.

PREA Auditor Handbook

The PREA Management Office (PMO) within the Bureau of Justice Assistance at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), has developed a PREA Auditor Handbook to articulate the requirements of DOJ PREA auditor certification, establish standards of ethical auditor conduct, detail a rigorous, practice-based audit methodology, hold auditors accountable for high standards of audit quality and integrity, and provide transparency to key stakeholders regarding the PREA audit process and expectations of auditors.

The PREA Auditor Handbook covers the following core topics:

PREA Letter to all State Governors from the Office of Justice Programs and Office of Violence Against Women

Signed by Karol V. Mason, Assistant Attorney General at the Office of Justice Programs, and Bea Hanson, Principal Deputy Director at the Office of Violence Against Women, this letter was sent to all state governors on February 12th, 2014. The letter outlines the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) mandates, and PREA's affect on Department of Justice grant funding.

PREA Brochure: Identifying and Addressing Gender-based Misconduct

This brochure from the Michigan Department of Corrections provides information on staff sexual misconduct. This particular version is specifically written for women in confinement with a focus on gender-based misconduct. Other agencies or facilities may use this document as a sample for creating similar resources.